Neuroscience: How do we sense the world? The University of Sheffield

Neuroscience is one of the fastest growing fields of study, with many high-profile ground-breaking research projects in full swing. This session explores how information from the environment is obtained and processed by our brains, specifically how humans and animals perceive the world through our sense of touch. Using specialised equipment you will have the opportunity to see how electrical activity travels in real tissues and investigate how nerves are able to carry information about touch.

This session uses real tissue samples from crickets and will involve a discussion on Animal Ethics in Research in addition to the central programme.

This session lasts 1.5 hours and can be delivered in your school to groups of up to 20 students at a time.

Please note that due to the nature of the funding priority will be given to schools that meet Widening Participation criteria.

For further information contact Michael Goudreault